LVAD Vests Carew Medical Wear LVAD Vests is a great options to help make the lives of LVAD patients easier.

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The equipment for a recipient of an LVAD can be cumbersome.  Carew Medical Wear LVAD Vests is a great options to help make the lives of LVAD patients easier. LVAD holsters and vests can do a great job of hiding the equipment and being comfortable to wear. Carew Medical Wear LVAD vests perform well and give a LVAD clothing option that works under clothing without adding bulk.

The Carew Medical Wear LVAD Vests was designed to help contain the equipment that comes with Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) especially the HeartMate II and HeartMate III by Thoratec Corporation. Without adding extra pressure on shoulders the  Carew Medical Wear LVAD vest helps contain the batteries and controller.  Serving like a ‘second skin’ with ergonomically positioned seams and carry pockets, the shirt is made of a light, breathable, compression fabric that fits the natural contours of your body and discreetly but securely fastens the external LVAD components.

The Carew Medical Wear LVAD Vests contains the device and batteries to limit shifting, shaking, or restricting the wearer. The LVAD vest batteries, computer, and wires (including the driveline) fit nicely in carefully designed LVAD vest and enables maximal mobility and functionality of the patient.

Furthermore, it is not just Rod Carew believing in this LVAD wear, but medical professionals in the heart failure departments recommend it too.  See what a difference the Carew Medical Wear LVAD Vests will do for you!



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