About Us

Welcome to Carew Medical Wear (CMW)! CMW is a company that fully supports the organ donation, heart health awareness, and baseball communities. We strive to deliver a variety of encouraging products in all of these communities. Our specialty product is our Left Ventricular Assist Device shirt (#29-Left and #29-Right).  This wear is a breakthrough of a family from Minnesota who were unsatisfied with the clothing available to a loved one who had recently received a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). They struggled with hospital issued holsters, experimented with bulky and uncomfortable carry bags, and even visited fishing and surplus stores in order to find a garment that could comfortably and discreetly secure the external components of their Heartmate II (2) device, but none did justice.

It is unanimous that many people within the heart failure community were being forced to settle with substandard carrying garments, and that was preventing the device from fulfilling its role of enabling recipients to return to normalcy. LVAD patients deserve better, and the Carew Medical Inc. (#29-Left and #29-Right) shirt was created to provide a garment that serves as a worthy aid.

Serving as a ‘second skin’ with ergonomically positioned seams and carry pockets, the shirt is made of a light, breathable, compression fabric that gently hugs the natural contours of the body and discreetly but securely fastens the external LVAD components to the wearers. There are no more harnesses, bags, or loose pouches to allow the device to move, shake, or restrict the wearer. Instead, the batteries, computer, and wires (including the driveline) have all been accounted for in carefully selected positions to enable maximal mobility and functionality.

A special heat resistant fabric has been used inside the computer pocket to protect the skin from the warmth. This lightweight garment was constructed with breathable fabrics that helps to maintain a regular body temperature. Furthermore, it can easily be worn under shirts and other garments discretely and comfortably.

When 1991 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee and LVAD recipient (now heart transplant), Rod Carew tried the LVAD compression shirt, he was convinced it was a game changer. Having spent the 2015 World Series in hospital fighting for his life, the legendary hitter made an amazing recovery. So much so that he was able to step onto the field during the Heart of 29 Campaign that was supported by the Minnesota Twins and American Heart Association.

Wearing the LVAD compression shirt, Rod Carew was given the chance to continue living his dreams and vowed that this incredibly innovative garment should be available to all recipients in the heart failure community.

Furthermore, it is not just Rod Carew believing in this wear, but a medical professional in the heart failure department has said,

“I can now send my patients skiing or biking because everything is secured and stowed away.”

The message is clear – there are no limits to what the LVAD compression shirt can help people to achieve. Developed out of necessity, the shirt has been fine tuned into a product that can help transform lives. The most noticeable quality of the LVAD compression shirt is that wearers barely realize it is there at all – they can be freed in body and in mind and return to a life they deserve. Carew Medical Wear Inc. has developed, designed, tested, and patented two variations of the LVAD compression shirt for the Heartmate II (2) and HeartMate III (3) devices by providing two different options depending on which side the patient’s drive line is situated.